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Pause a subscription on Firmhouse Smart order-based projects

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Beta feature - Request access via Firmhouse support.

With Smart order based projects it's an option to pause a subscription via the Firmhouse portal or for customers via their my account or self service centers.

For Plan-based projects this only can be done via the API.

Pause a subscription from the portal

To pause an active subscription, go to the subscription in the Firmhouse portal and select the "Pause subscription" button in the top right of the screen.

A modal will pop up with some details on the effects and to confirm the pausing:

Resume a paused subscription

The paused state is visible on the subscription by a blue bar. There's also a "Resume" button, this will show up a modal to confirm the resume.

Let subscriber pause a subscription from the Self service center

When the subscriber logs into the Self Service Center, they will see one of the following two buttons. After clicking, they're asked to confirm their choice.

Pause subscription

Resume subscription

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