Pausing and resuming subscriptions

Pause and resume a subscription on Firmhouse

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In this article, we'll walk through the different ways to pause. These are:

  1. As a merchant from the Firmhouse Portal;

  2. As a customer from their Self Service Center (only on Smart order-based projects)

  3. Via the Firmhouse GraphQL API using a PauseSubscription mutation call

1. Pausing a subscription from the Portal

To pause an active subscription, go to the subscription page in the Firmhouse portal and select the "Pause subscription" button in the top right of the screen:

A modal will pop up with some details on the effects and to confirm the pausing:

Resume a paused subscription

The paused state is visible on the subscription by a blue bar. There's also a "Resume" button, this will show up a modal to confirm the resume:

2. Pausing a subscription from the Self Service Center

  1. First, you need to enable the functionality for your customers. You can find the Customers can pause and resume their subscription-checkbox under Self service center.

    Please note that this is only for smart order-based projects.

  2. The next time the customer visits their Self-Service Center they will see the option to pause their subscription.

  3. Once selected, they will be prompted to confirm pausing their subscription:

  4. That's it! The subscription will be paused and the customer can return at any time to resume their subscription. This is how their Self Service Checkout will look like:

  5. If your customer is ready to return they will be able to resume at any time they please. Clicking the "Resume subscription" will tell them all they need to know about when their subscription is going to be active again:

3. Pausing a subscription via API

Subscription can be paused via pauseSubscription mutation. Please refer to the developer documentation for more details.

Billing & Orders Upon Resuming a Subscription

Once a subscription is paused, no further orders are created. Once a subscription is resumed, the next order will be created when it was originally scheduled.

Upcoming Order Emails when Paused

Upcoming order emails are also sent out to paused customers. You can use the {{subscription.status}} liquid tag to conditionally adjust the email content for this use case. For example:

{% if subscription.status == "paused" %}
oh no your subscription is paused! resume in the next few days to receive this order in time!
{% endif %}

You can adjust the email content from Email configuration settings:

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