Paying for (outstanding) invoices via payment links
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Firmhouse offers a bunch of ways for your customers to pay for an invoice manually. For example in the case that a charge on someone's credit card or bank account failed. Or when you create an invoice manually for a customer to cover some extra one-time costs like repairs or additional services.

Every invoice that's generated by Firmhouse has its own link. On this link the customer can view their invoice and its payment status. And if the invoice is unpaid they can pay for it straight from the invoice page with their preferred payment method.

The customer can get these links via several ways:

  • You copy-paste the link from your customer's detail page in our portal.

  • From a link that's included in billing or failed payment email notifications.

  • From the Invoices overview in the Firmhouse Self Service Center.

Example invoice link page with payment button

Saving the chosen payment method for future use

Customers can save a new payment method on their subscription when they pay for an invoice via payment link. They can do this by leaving the "Store payment method for future payments" option checked.

This feature is currently available when using Mollie or Stripe as Payment Provider. An update for Adyen projects will be scheduled in the near future.

When the button is clicked with this checkbox checked, Firmhouse will present your customer with the payment methods that support future recurring payments. When your customer then makes the payment, that payment method will automatically be used for future periodic orders and invoices.

⚠️ If your customer reports a payment method missing from the options. It could be that the payment method doesn't support recurring payments. In that case the customer should uncheck this option to pay for the invoice.

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