Shopify Order tags

When Shopify is connected to your Firmhouse projects, tags and notes are added to the order

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First or recurring order

Orders generated in Shopify via Firmhouse, can be easily recognized.

Firmhouse adds a tag to the order, either:

  • Firmhouse-First-Order for the initial order on signup, or

  • Firmhouse-Recurring-Order for all recurring orders.

Additional details

Every order that is created in Shopify, will have additional so called "custom attributes", containing:

  • firmhouse-order-id

  • firmhouse-invoice-id

  • firmhouse-subscription-id

These ID's correspond to the related Firmhouse Order, Invoice and Subscription. The custom attributes are often visible in the right sidebar when viewing an order.

Extra Fields as custom attribute

It's also possible to mark certain Extra fields to be sent to Shopify as custom attributes:

These will be added to all orders as custom attributes for that subscriber.

Custom tags

In certain situations, you might want to add additional tags/information to the Shopify Orders.

Firmhouse has the "Shopify Order tag" option in the Apps->Shopify menu. Here you can add custom and even dynamic tags, using Liquid code.

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