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Instruction on how to setup Veriff within Firmhouse.

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The Veriff integration is currently in its testing phase before we fully release it. If you want to already get started with using Veriff please reach out to so we can enable it for your project.

Installing the app

If you enter the Firmhouse app store page and Veriff is enabled for your project you'll notice you can configure the Veriff app.

On the configuration page you'll need to configure three values, the Veriff API key used to connect with Veriff, the Veriff shared secret used to ensure that valid requests are made between Firmhouse and Veriff and the environment either test for test/staging project or live for production projects.

A third field called "Webhook URL" is already filled in you'll need to copy this value into your Veriff dashboard.

The API key and shared secret we'll need to retrieve from the Veriff dashboard. In order to do that we'll need to add a Firmhouse integration to Veriff. You can do that by logging into Veriff and following these steps:

  1. Click integration in the top menu.

  2. Click Add integration.

  3. Enter an integration name, in this case we'll name it Firmhouse.

  4. Select the environment.

After creating the integration you'll find the API key and shared secret at the top of the integration detail page. Enter these values in the earlier mentioned designated fields within Firmhouse.

You're almost done setting up an integration between Firmhouse and Veriff. The final thing to do is configure the earlier mentioned webhook URL on the settings page of the integration.

Setting up acceptance checks and informing the user

Now that we have a working integration between Firmhouse and Veriff we can setup an acceptance check that needs to be accepted before activating the user. You can find acceptance checks under checkout -> acceptance checks within Firmhouse. Name your acceptance check, as the type select "identity verification" and the service provider "Veriff".

Informing the user about the Veriff integration

The user needs to be informed that they need to verify their identity before we can activate the subscription. You can send these instructions either via the confirmation email or on the checkout confirmation page.

An example how to include the the instruction in the confirmation email that is received after completing the signup:

An example how to include the instruction on the checkout confirmation page:

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