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Veriff: Identity document verification
Veriff: Identity document verification

Instruction on how to setup Veriff within Firmhouse.

Written by Bram
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Veriff is a company that provides numerous integrations and products around identity verification, fraud protection and KYC onboarding of customers.

Firmhouse has an officially supported integration with Veriff that connects to the hosted flow of Veriff for identity and document verification.

To get started, you will first need to create an account at Veriff. Veriff offers self-service options with fully automated identity checks, as well as enterprise plans. After obtaining your account, use the following steps to set up Veriff for your Firmhouse project.

Create an Integration in Veriff

First, you need to create an Integration in your Veriff account. After creating the integration, you can obtain the nessesary API credentials that you will need to set up the Veriff app in your Firmhouse project.


  1. Log in to your Veriff account

  2. Click Integrations in the top menu

  3. Click Add integration

  4. Enter a name for the integration. For example: Firmhouse.

  5. Choose the integration type. You can choose Test integration and Live integration. With the Test integration you can test how the flow works without being charged for verification checks. In this case you need to change the status of each initiated identification check manually in your Veriff account.

  6. Click Add integration

The integration is now created. Keep the screen open to be able to copy and paste the credentials from Veriff to Firmhouse in the next step.

Configure the Veriff app in Firmhouse


  1. In your Firmhouse project, go to Apps in the sidebar

  2. Find the Veriff app card and click Configure

  3. Select the Environment, and enter your Veriff API key and Veriff Shared Secret. You can find these on the detail page of the integration in your Veriff account.

  4. Copy and paste the value from Webhook URL into the appropriate places in the Integration in your Veriff account.

Set up an acceptance check for Veriff

Now that you have a configured the connection between Firmhouse and Veriff, you can set up an acceptance check in Firmhouse. This way you can keep track of which customers completed verifying their identify via Veriff and thus manually or automatically accept the customer for their subscription or order.

Pending, completed, or failed acceptance checks will be visible from the Customer detail page after they signed up.


  1. In your Firmhouse project, go to Checkout > Acceptance checks in the sidebar.

  2. Click New acceptance check

  3. Choose Identity verification for Acceptance check type, give the acceptance check a name (for example: Identity verified via Veriff), and select Veriff from the Identity verification service provider.

  4. Click Save acceptance check

Informing your customer to perform identify verification

When your customers sign up and have made their initial payment, they need to be informed that you want to verify their identity before you onboard them to your subscription or send out their products.

By using a special template tag {{subscription.veriff_identification_url}} you can put a link to the identification flow in:

  • Include additional instructions in the signup confirmation email.

  • Show a link to the identity verification on the thank you/confirmation page in Firmhouse Checkout.

Confirmation email

Checkout confirmation/thank you page

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