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What are Webhooks?

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Webhooks are messages Firmhouse sends to your servers when some action happens.

You set the server endpoint to which we should send the information. You can also set the authentification if it’s required.

To work with Webhooks you can navigate to the Webhook page in Firmhouse Portal. Click apps in the menu on the left and then webhooks.

You can find all Firmhouse events that webhooks are triggered for inside the “Event” menu of the webhook page.

Some example Firmhouse events are Subscription cancellation confirmation , Subscription cancellation initiation. This means that when these events occur webhooks linked to these specific events are triggered and relay the relevant information to your servers.

Inside the “Template”, you can set the message, we’ll be sending. We support Liquid tags here:

For more in-depth information: Adding, managing, and removing webhooks.

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