Failed or Non-received Emails

Sometimes your customers don't receive certain emails that originate from Firmhouse. Find out what could be the reason

Written by Alice hamberger
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There are several reasons why a subscriber may not receive Firmhouse notification emails, for instance a login email for the Self Service Center. We outlined them below, to help you understand what the underlying issue might be and how you can resolve it.

Notification template correct?

Make sure the email notification you're sending has the correct template language. If it fails to create a correct email due to typos or incorrect email templates, no mail will be sent for that type.

1. The email address is not known to Firmhouse

This could be the case for several reasons: either the customer made a typo when entering their email address (for instance .con instead of .com) or they used a different email address for signup (work vs personal).

2. The email address is invalid

This would mean they made a typo when registering their email address.
​Therefore, Firmhouse is sending emails to this invalid email. In this case, it is advisable to contact your customers via other means and update their registered email via the portal.

An example of a typo would be: "name@gmail.con" instead of ".com".

3. It bounces at our email provider

There are several technical reasons that this happens, for instance when the email address has bounced a few times previously, it will be blocked immediately and not be sent.

4. The previous emails as were marked as spam

When previous emails were sent correctly to a subscriber but marked as spam by the receiver, our mail system will not send subsequent emails. This is to prevent affecting the mail deliverability score of your sending domain.

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