Outstanding Invoices

Generate reports of all outstanding invoices

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The outstanding invoices report can be used to generate a report of all invoices that are outstanding up to that moment. An outstanding invoice is defined as not being paid and not being credited.


Does the report contain credited invoices?

If an invoice was credited before or on the input date for generating the report then the invoice will not be included in the report.

If an invoice was credited after the moment you clicked "Get Report". Then the invoice will still be treated as outstanding and included in the report.

Are partially credited invoices treated as outstanding?

Yes. Currently, Firmhouse only allows you to fully credit an invoice via the "credit invoice" feature. A partial refund/credit is usually created by manually creating a negative invoice for a lower amount than the original invoice. In this case, there is no technical link between the original invoice and the partial credit invoice. Thus the original invoice will still be treated as outstanding.

What payment statuses are treated as "outstanding"?

Invoices with one of the following statuses is treated as outstanding:

  • open

  • cancelled

  • pending

  • expired

  • failed

  • charged back

Invoices that have been credited are not treated as outstanding.

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