Stripe Webhook Events to enable

These Stripe Webhook events need to be enabled to successfully link Stripe to Firmhouse for payment processing

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To set up Stripe as the Payment Service Provider for your Firmhouse project, you will need:

  • Stripe public API key

  • Stripe secret API key

  • Stripe endpoint secret

Find your public and secret API keys in the Stripe dashboard. See for more information the Stripe documentation.

Webhook events

Go to and create a webhook that points to the URL that's shown in the Firmhouse portal.

Stripe will then provide you with a "Stripe Endpoint Secret".

The webhook events to enable in Stripe are:

  • charge.succeeded

  • charge.failed

  • charge.pending

  • charge.refunded

  • charge.refund.updated

  • charge.dispute.closed

  • payment_intent.succeeded

  • payment_intent.payment_failed

  • source.chargeable

  • source.failed

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