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Subscription removal

Delete the customer or handle GDPR data removal requests

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When subscribers reach out to get their subscription or personal details removed from your project, there are several ways to do this.

A mere cancellation will only stop the subscription, but not remove it.

  • anonymize: As a merchant you're already able to anonymize "current" data by just editing the customer details and changing the email.
    This for GDPR purposes is also seen as removal.

  • Firmhouse keep orders and invoices in accordance to local legislation of 7 year by default.

  • data removal: If a merchant wants to have full data removal, including orders and invoices they can request that via support too as Firmhouse is obliged to follow those requests.
    Especially for example if the merchant does not use Firmhouse for formal invoicing/orders and they keep those in a separate system themselves.

If a Firmhouse Merchant receives a data removal request for a certain subscriber, they can ask for removal at Firmhouse.

Send an email to Firmhouse support, stating the subscription ID(s) that needs to be removed.

Firmhouse will remove from the project:

  • all personal data from a subscription, like name, addresses and payment details

  • all historical changes of a subscription

Because of financial/bookkeeping reporting requirements, the orders and invoices will stay available in your project. These will still have the name and address of the subscriber stored.

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