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Introduction to Service Channels
Introduction to Service Channels
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With Service Channels, you can seamlessly work with distributors, retail stores, or other (online) partners that sell and/or service your products.

Service Channels lets you co-brand customer experience, attribute sales and active subscriptions, and work together on providing your customers with the best customer support experience.

Here are two samples that are perfect for using Service Channels on Firmhouse:

  1. Retail stores. If you're selling your products and subscriptions via partners in retail stores, you can have a Service Channel per retail store. All orders and subscriptions started are attributed to a store. This allows you to give a kick-back or referral fee to these stores. And you can opt-in to have all customer communication flow through the store as well as a first-line support channel.

  2. B2B2C setups. Say you are a merchant that sells mobility solutions such as e-bikes. You can set up a Service Channel so you can offer your e-bikes to be used in a corporate mobility program of your customer. Each of your business customers becomes a Service Channel. And all the employees riding your e-bikes will become customers of a Service Channel. You can then choose if you want to charge your customer's employees directly, or if you send a lump-sum invoice to your business customers based on their usage.

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