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Allow existing customers to add products to their subscription
Allow existing customers to add products to their subscription

Learn how to set up your project so that customers can manage their subscription by themselves

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The self service centre is the place where your customers can manage their subscription. The following is only applicable for Smart order based projects.
In Plan based projects it's not yet possible to provide this option in the self service center.

In this article you will learn how to set up your project so your customers can manage the products on their subscription. Meaning:

  • Customers can add new products to their subscription without having to go through checkout again

  • Customers can remove any products from their subscription

Before proceeding make sure you are familiar with the self service center. Click here to read up on

Enable the feature for your customers

By default your customers will not be able to manage the products on their subscription.

Enable it by going to Self Service Center in the sidebar and scroll down to Settings. Check the box and click "Update project"

Now all your products are available for your customers

(Optional) Exclude certain products

In case you want to exclude certain products from being ordered via the Self Service Centre, find the product and scroll down to "Existing customers can add this product to their subscription".

Unchceck the box and Save.

You are all set up. Customers will now see a new button to add a product to their subscription.

Frequently asked questions

When is a newly added product billed & shipped?

The new product gets bundled with the customers next shipment. That's also when it will be billed.

I am using Shopify, can I use this feature as well?

Yes! This works with Shopify and also supports product variants. Get in touch with us if you want to use this in combination with Shopify.

Can customers order a product as a one-off?

Customers will be able to order products as you set them up in the Firmhouse platform. If you set a product to ship every 4 weeks it is not possible yet to order it as a one-off. We hope to offer this functionality soon.

Can I prevent customers from removing their products?

No. Once you enabled the option to let customers add products to their subscription you also give them the option to remove products.

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