Two step cancellation flow

Making sure to collect goods & open payments before cancelling a subscription

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When a customer wants to cancel their subscription you first want to make sure they returned all products and paid their outstanding bills.

You can use Firmhouse to add an additional step to the cancellation flow that allows you to keep track of customers with pending cancellations.

This feature is called the two step cancellation flow and - once enabled - works like this:

  1. Upon cancellation (either by customer or by you) a subscription is now marked as "Cancellation pending" and the customer keeps getting charged

  2. The customer receives a special email that you can fully customise. This is a great time to remind them of open bills or return instructions.

  3. You can confirm the cancellation at any time (once you received back the goods and/or all bills have been paid)

  4. Once confirmed the billing stops and the customer receives a final cancellation confirmation email

In this article you'll learn how to:

  • Enabling the two step cancellation flow

  • Setting up emails

  • Confirming cancellation

Note: The two step cancellation flow is only available for projects with the subscription type "Product as Service Subscription".

Enabling two step cancellation flow

Enable it by going to Subscription Model and scroll down to Activation & Cancellation. There you will find an option to enable the two step cancellation flow.

Setting up emails

There are two emails to keep in mind when using the two step cancellation flow:

  1. The email that gets sent after the cancellation got initiated

  2. The email that gets sent after the cancellation has been confirmed

You can modify the contents of both emails in Email Configuration Settings.

Confirming cancellations

When using the 2 step cancellation flow, all cancellations are marked as Cancellation pending until you mark them as complete. Find all pending cancellations by going to Customers and click on the Pending cancellation filter.

To confirm a cancellation. click on a subscriber and then "Confirm cancellation"

Once confirmed the billing will stop and the customer will receive the Cancellation confirmation email.

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