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Project Types
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We have two different subscription types, the difference lies when someone is charged per order or per time (ex. month):

Smart Order-based subscription: Your customers subscribe to products where they pay per order based on a personalized replenishment schema.

For example:

paying for new coffee beans every time they are shipped to you

Product as Service Subscription: Your customers subscribe to your products + any additional services by paying a recurring monthly amount based on the Plan they sign up for.
For example:

​product rentals such as a bike or a couch

Here is detail on the two different subscription types:

Not sure which type of subscription business your Firmhouse project is running on?
If you can see a menu item called "Plans" in the sidebar you are running a Product as a Service Subscription project

• If you don't see "Plans" in the sidebar you are running a Smart order-based subscription project

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