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Use Klaviyo to send email notifications to your customers
Use Klaviyo to send email notifications to your customers

A step-by-step how to on setting up Klaviyo with Firmhouse

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Please note this feature is new and offers advanced functionality to your emails. But, setting it up incorrectly might stop your customers from receiving emails.

What does the integration with Klaviyo do?

When enabled, Firmhouse sends a message to Klaviyo with metadata about the relevant event for a subscriber. Events like, customer signup, order creation , etc correspond with the same email (templates) that Firmhouse otherwise would send.

Instead of Firmhouse sending an email, the event will be saved as a "metric" in Klaviyo. You can setup flows in Klaviyo that run based on these metrics. Your setup is done on your Klaviyo account.

Steps to setup Klaviyo with Firmhouse

  1. In Firmhouse: Klaviyo settings are in menu Apps -> Klaviyo -> Configure

  2. Add your Klaviyo API key

  3. Enable the "Use Klaviyo events editor" checkbox.
    โ€‹This will replace your existing email templates in the templates editor

  4. When you save these settings the Klaviyo connection is enabled and all emails will be send as event trigger to Klaviyo
    โ€‹This means Firmhouse doesn't send email but only events to Klaviyo

  5. Edit the relevant templates in Firmhouse

  6. Test event triggers

  7. Setup your flows in Klaviyo

  8. Activate Klaviyo integration in Firmhouse

Configure Klaviyo app in Firmhouse

First go to the Klaviyo app in the Firmhouse menu: Apps -> Klaviyo -> Configure.

Klaviyo settings in Settings menu

Configure the integration

To link Firmhouse to Klaviyo, you will need your Klaviyo API key (more info here) and mark the checkbox for "use Klaviyo events editor". This will enable the template editor for all the events that Firmhouse sends to Klavito.

Enable / Disable the Klaviyo app

When the status is Enabled, ALL Firmhouse emails are stopped and instead send as events to Klaviyo.

Be prepared for that, so your customers won't miss any messages.

Edit the templates

In the menu Settings -> Email configuration you will find all events Firmhouse can send to Klaviyo.

The top bar will show if the Klaviyo integration is enabled and active or not.

Using the templates is the same for emails and Klaviyo. You can also use the same Liquid tags for Klaviyo as are used with email. Main difference is that the payload to Klaviyo needs to be valid Json.

How to use the content from Firmhouse in Klaviyo

  • when the Firmhouse template is set up correctly, use the "Send test Klaviyo event" to push the trigger with dummy data to Klaviyo, for the email address you provide (in the popup).

  • The data is now usable in Klaviyo as a metric with the name you provided:

  • a new Flow in Klaviyo can now use this metric as a starting point, with the dynamic data provided by you.

Important - Mark Firmhouse flows transactional in Klaviyo

Klaviyo is primarily used to send out marketing emails. It allows your email subscribers to unsubscribe from receiving any more marketing content from you.

An unwanted side-effect of their unsubscribe is that this also prevents you from sending the Firmhouse transactional emails. To make sure all Firmhouse transactional emails are sent, please contact Klaviyo support and ask them to mark the flows that contain Firmhouse emails, as transactional.

See this Klaviyo help article for more information.

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