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Platform Updates & Improvements - March 2024
Platform Updates & Improvements - March 2024

Platform updates and improvements we have done in March 2024.

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A selection of smaller updates and improvements we'd like to make sure you know about.

1. Automatic rate limits for the Shopify API

We have updated our Platform to automatically manage order submissions to Shopify, ensuring we stay within their usage limits without manual intervention. We've started rolling this out prior to a select few Shopify-integrated projects and, due to its success, has now been expanded to all Shopify-integrated projects. We've also made adjustments to dynamically adapt to Shopify's updated limits and any merchant plan upgrades, ensuring faster order processing without additional effort on our end. This feature is now fully operational, enhancing efficiency and reliability for our merchants.

2. Counter caches for subscriptions

We've heard our Portal Overview page, where you can select from your available stores, could be slow. Well, no longer! It's important to note that now it will show you how many subscriptions are actively billed (instead of just activated).

3. Table-views get a bit more love

We've noticed that in some cases, particularly when your subscribers have been subscribed for a long time, pages that have a table view could become ridiculously long and hard to manage on a daily basis. We've improved our tables so that they give you relevant information at a glance, while also making sure these overly long tables are a thing of the past. You'll find tables now being limited to 5 records, but clicking "Show all" will of course take you to a page featuring all of them. We're planning to do this for all the table views where it makes sense.

4. More portal/API control over next billing date

We're always striving to give you the most granular control, whether that's directly through our API or from the Portal itself. We've heard you want the ability to remove a next billing date, so that's now magically possibly ✨ You can do so by just removing the date, and don't forget to hit Save.

5. Quickly get to know when a subscription started.

It's now possible to see immediately when a product was added to the subscription/customer. You can find the "Created At" column within each of the Active Products or Inactive Products displayed within a Customer.

6. Improved API Response for CreateAsset mutation

We've updated our asset creation logic. Now, if an invalid subscriptionId is provided, we'll ignore it and successfully create the asset, returning a success response with the asset details. If you included subscriptionId in your request, expect null for the subscription in the response, allowing for straightforward verification of asset assignment.

7. An update to the Outstanding Invoices Report

The outstanding invoices report can be used to generate a report of all invoices that are outstanding up to that moment. This is an update to our previous "Outstanding invoices by date"-reporting, as our updated way should be more accurate. You can read more about this here.

8. Fixed Upcoming Order Notice bug

In the past, we've had a situation where upcoming order notices would only be sent to subscriptions that have an activated status, whereas it should be sent to all subscriptions eligible for order creation. We've fixed that with this release.

And, just in case you missed the other announcements, don't forget the bigger updates we've done this month:

  • Returns: A whole new way of tracking returns and enabling partial cancellations

We’re introducing a big thing: Returns. With our new returns feature we introduce the concept of return orders. Return orders are created automatically when you or your customer initiate full cancellations or returns for individual products.

Upon completing a return order, the products in the return will automatically be removed from active billing. Or, if the return order consisted of only the remainder of the products, a subscription is automatically cancelled.

Return orders in Firmhouse work out-of-the box and provide you with all the basic functionality to handle returns for your business. But if you’d like to hook up your existing return solution you can use our new webhooks events and our API to do so.

  • Self-service Product Returns

We have made it possible to self-service a product return. This should help alleviate a lot of customer service work from the Merchant's side. If you wish to make use of this feature then you can turn it on in your Portal.

Also, Product Returns from the Portal is now available to all plan-based projects. Read more here

  • Self-service Pause/Resume Subscriptions

We have made it possible to self-service Pausing (and Resuming) the Customer their subscription. This should be ideal i.e. when someone goes on a vacation and doesn't wish to receive a consumable for the next billing period. You can activate this functionality in your Portal.

Also, pausing and resuming subscriptions from the Portal is now available to all projects. Read more here.

  • Showing Price Per Country

You'll now be able to add a different price per country/currency, which should help you do your business better internationally.

This feature is possible on request, so reach out to us using the blue Intercom Bubble in the bottom-right corner. Read more about the feature here.

Tell us what you think

Any questions, feedback or suggestions based on these updates? Please let us know by using the Intercom Bubble in the bottom-right corner. See you next month in a new edition.

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