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Change product prices

How to change the price of a product and what are the effects on subscriptions

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Price changes

During the course of a subscription, the price of a product could change.

There are several ways how this might impact your subscribers and how you can manage this.

  1. Default behavior: Product price changes affect everyone.
    Each subscription gets the same price, even if the product price changes.

  2. Grandfather/Keep the current price. Let the subscriber stay on their price level

By default, Firmhouse takes the price of the underlying product for the billing cycle.

Example of default behavior

When a subscriber signs up for a monthly product at € 25 on June 1st, their charge will be € 25 on July 1st, August 1st etc. This example excludes any discounts for clarity.

As a merchant, you update the price to € 28 on August 24th. Each signup and recurring billing charge from that day on, will pay € 28.

So our subscriber paid € 25 on August 1st and will pay € 28 on September 1st, reflecting the updated price.

Override the product price per subscription

It's possible to give (certain) subscribers a custom price for their products. For instance if you want to "guarantee" that a subscriber will always pay the same price (for example € 25).

This is possible by:

  • Setting a custom price

  • Or use the Firmhouse API when you create the subscription and set the customPriceCents attribute with createOrderedProduct mutation

How to set a custom product price for a subscription

Go to the subscription in the portal and find the "Active products" tab.

Select the context menu (three dots) next to the product you'd like to edit.

In the modal there's a "Custom price" element that allows you to define a price for this specific subscription.

Even if the price of the underlying product changes, your subscriber will still pay the "Custom price", no matter if the price is higher or lower.

Product prices and the Shopify product sync

In the article "Importing and syncing your products" we explain how to import products from Shopify into Firmhouse. It shows how to set the (subscription) price for these imported products.

When you update the product price in Shopify and want this to reflect in Firmhouse, it's important to run the sync. This will update (if selected) the products in Firmhouse and the above mentioned price changes will occur.

Subscriptions with a custom price for products, will not have their price changed by the import.

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