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Setting up your checkout page

Create and customise a checkout page that you can link to from your webshop

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Letting customers subscribe to your products is easy and doesn't require a lot of configuration.

Follow these steps to create a checkout page that you can use on your websites so that customers can subscribe to your products:

  1. Create a product or a plan

  2. Customise your checkout page

  3. Configure a payment provider

Step 1: Create a product or a plan

First you need to create a product or a plan that your customers can subscribe to. Firmhouse then automatically generates a payment page that you can link to from your webshop.

Once you created a product/plan you can preview its payment page by clicking on "View checkout page" next to it:

Pro tip: You can also create checkout pages that combine different products and plans

Step 2: Customise your checkout page

This is how a checkout page looks like:

You are able to customise the text, your brand and add additional form fields.

Click on Checkout in the main menu in order to:

  • Adjust copy such as headlines and a customised confirmation message

  • Customise the appearance by adding a logo and setting an accent color

  • Link to your terms and conditions

If you need more form fields you can go to Checkout Flow > Extra fields & validation. Extra fields.

This can be useful if you need to collect additional details from your customer, like their date of birth or their drivers license number, for example. Click here to learn more about them.

Analytics and tracking

You can track visits, conversions, and other metrics in your checkout flow by using a tag manager. Click here and learn how to set it up.

Run your checkout flow on a custom domain

Get in touch with us to run your checkout flow on a custom domain. Available on all plans.

Step 3: Configuring a payment provider

You're almost ready to collect payments. The last step is to configure a payment provider. Follow the link at the bottom of your payment page and set up your payment provider.

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